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William's Corner @ Taman Mayang

By vixar  Tue 28 Apr 2009
One great thing about living in Malaysia?

Food variety!

Lots and lots of different kind of food.

Then one day, a smart Malaysian thought: "There's Chinese, Indian, Malay, Western, Italian food available... But is it possible to get all these food in one same location..? Maybe if I could open a fusion restaurant...no, that won't work. Where do Malaysians love to hang out? Mamak! The night life! A mamak stall that sells a mix of all these varieties!"

And from then onwards, William's corner was born!!

(The story above was made up, but who knows? Maybe that was what William exactly has in mind =D) 

It was kinda hard to get there at first, especially since it was located within housing areas. If you know where LimKokWing is, then it would have been much easier.

Like any other mamak stalls, William's corner is located by the roadside. As long as you see white fluorescent lights flashing dimly and a whole stretch of tables and chairs filled with people of different age and race, you know you are in the right place.

After getting a place to sit, we waited for a while till a huge guy came to serve us. He said: "Makan apa? (What do you want to eat?)"

We stared at each other blankly, not knowing what is even available because in William's there's no such thing call MENU.

"First time here yea? Where you guys from?" he asked.

One of my friend answered: "Klang"

"Ahhh, sini kalau mau makan (if you wanna eat here, theres...), ada Pasta, Noodle, Rice, and Western. Mau Naan pun ada, Cheese Naan sedap (There's Naan too, cheese naan the best)"

We were amazed at how fast he blabbers out the menu to us, he's like a walking menu instead!

We got to know that he was the owner of William's Corner, a joke he made by calling himself a Babarian (Baba + Indian). William, the stall owner is also famous for being related to owner of the ever popular Murni's in SS2.

Soon, our drinks arrived. My friend and I shared the amazingly huge Ribena Longan (RM6). It was very sweet that I suspected they might have pour half of the jug with concentrated longan juice from the can. Great thing about it? Whole lotta longans in it =D Sharing is advisable.

SOo huge that the spoon's handle barely touch the surface.

The food came after a while. My friend had carbonara with fettucine and mushrooms (vegetarian). It was alright, and great thing about it was that they provide different kinds of mushrooms and not just the normal button mushrooms.

About RM10+ (They do cater vegetarians too)

Up next was butter prawn indo mee (single packet). Also one of the well known dishes there. It was buttery and the prawns weren't fresh, well cooked, but not fresh. I remembered the first time trying it, I had double packets of indomee. It was like a stack of indomee with plenty of butter prawns at the bottom. The first taste blew my mind away, for I find it amazing to have mix indomee with butterprawns, simple idea yet the creativity amazed me! Always thought that butterprawns should just be.. a chinese dish, a butterprawn dish. But it became jelak(sick of it) after that because of the amount and the buttery taste of the prawns and the noodles.

Still worth trying - Est RM12~RM15+

Also another recommendation by the Boss, lobster fried rice

Uncertain about price


The fried rice was just so-so, you could have it real spicy by just telling the boss. If you're expecting the lobster to be some kind of high class delicious lobster, think otherwise. It's more of a yabby type, freshwater lobster I guess. At first it looked and tasted like soft shell crab, and what's odd about it was the dark, black thing that filled the inner part. The waiter has assured us that it is edible, and it's just how it is meant to look like. 

Finally, a guy holding a huge plate came to our table. He placed it infront of my friend and I. The sauce spilled. It was our Seafood carbonara pasta (Fettucine, but you can have others too like penne or the normal spaghetti), overflowing with carbonara sauce, like a treasure chest, filled with seafood delicacies. Lobster, scallops, prawns, mussels, sotongs, fish, bamboo clams and fresh water clams!  Although unplesently hard to consume, but the excitement of looking at the amount of ingredients used made me digged in for more.

Seafood carbonara pasta - Est RM25

I didn't fancy the pasta though as it tasted more like dough. Despite the price that shocked us (No we weren't informed about the price), it was pretty good! I know the prawns and lobster weren't fresh, but I like how the sauce wasn't too thick nor too dilute, in fact I could just keep on scooping mouth full of carbonara sauce and finish it all.

You could also try the signature pandan leaf chicken or the cheese naan.

Oh and one thing for sure, there's plenty of cockroaches around there.

Address: William's corner, Jalan SS26/9, Taman Mayang Jaya, Petaling Jaya.

Operation hours: 6pm till early morning
(Near the Limkokwing Institute. A roadside stall which is directly opposite a mini market with no signboard.)

by SYen

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