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Berkeley corner @ Klang

By emily  Mon 04 May 2009

That night after having few drinks at Modesto@ Klang Centro, someone suggested to stop by Berkeley Corner, which is just opposite of the Klang Centro for a quick supper.


When we got there,it’s already 11.30 pm, but still ,couldn’t find any car park ,we only managed to find a car park about 100 m away ,some cars simply parked beside the road, caused a terribly jammed!Remember to car pool, coz u really don’t wanna walk in the dark street, especially with poor public security nowaday.


Of course ,it took us a while to find a seat for 6 pax. We’ve ordered Ayam Goreng for the starter, and silky taste teh tarih. Ayam Goreng is a must in Berkeley Corner, it was so crispy, not really spicy , suggested drumstick ,it’s soooo…….juicy!

Crispy Ayam Goreng

Nasi Lemak with mata kerbau(fried egg) , this nasi lemak still serves in traditional way~with banana leaves, sambal covered about half of the rice, spicy with sweet taste. It comes with ikan bilis & kacang like usual nasi lemak.But with all these combination ,it satisfied all your hunger for good food!     

Nasi Lemak with Mata Kerbau

Roti canai , not much different from others mamak stall.

Roti Telur with Curry Kacang 

Address : Berkeley Roundabout @ Klang

Open Hour :24 Hours

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editor said on Mon 04 May 2009 :
yeahhh the nasi lemak so jeng over there, drooling
nelsonsky said on Wed 13 May 2009 :
i love the fried chicken
JustDoIt said on Sun 17 May 2009 :
the nasi lemak very yummy.. long time not eating there already
ckng said on Fri 22 May 2009 :
I had to register to come leave a comment here once i saw this...please take note, the mamak you went to is NOT called Berkeley Corner. The actual name is called Restoran Shanmuga (or CCM to some Klang locals). Berkeley Corner is the one right next to it, and the food sucks! Here's hoping people who aren't from Klang and read this blog won't be confused. Easiest way to differentiate them is, the good is a mamak stall, the bad one is a "restaurant". The fried chicken at Shanmuga is a must try, beats KFC hands down any day. Just felt i had to clarify the identity of the place since I've been a loyal customer of over 15+ years.
bani099 said on Tue 11 Oct 2011 :
I am new 4 klang........so i was searching 4 the best indian cuisine restaurant........thn all i was heard is restaurant berkeley corner...... i heard bout restaurant next 2 berkeley corner.....i heard gossip tat ....tat restaurant smtimes thre vil be havoc and fightings.......n the only food is gud is NASI LEMAK ...AND OTHER SUCKS!!!!!!!!.......... so i dun cr bout gossip .so 1st of all i try the nasi lemak thn i order 1 teh tarik....weewwweewww.....teruk betul......thn nxt day i went 2 berkeley corner 4 my lunch....tat was my 1st try 2 tat restaurant......the food delicious.....raaasam , mutton varuval, ikan tenggiri, hyrdabad tandoori.......tat was awesome man.... thn i cm night 4 tat restaurant.......western food our traditional malay food "SATAY"..SPECIAL MINI ROTI CANAI..... MR CKNG.......U WAS WRONG...
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